Grupo de Astrofísica de Rayos X

Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía (IAR-CONICET-CICPBA-UNLP)


GARX supports open-source friendly-coding philosophy. Most of our codes related to X-ray data analysis, spectral-timing models and binary evolution, can be accessed through version-control portals like GitHub. Here we list some of the codes developed and maintained by members of our group and their collaborators.

vKompth: an spectral-timing model for quasi-periodic oscillations in XRBs.

pyXspecCorner: a Python tool to make interactive Corner Plots based on XSPEC MCMC chains saved to FITS files.

HMXB and LMXB open-source and community-based X-ray binary catalogs.

poskiorb: compute binary parameters after a core-collapse with an asymmetric kick.

non-coplanar-tides: implementation of the contribution of non-coplanarity into the tidal evolution of MESA.

make_summary: a python script that creates a summary of many MESA simulations.

nthratio: multiplicative XSPEC model that makes a first-order correction to the soft-excess introduced by xillver-based reflection models.

Interactive-Ligthcurve-Explorer: a Python interactive tool to plot and modify lightcurves and HIDs on the fly based on Stingray software.